Controlling access to the school premises

Security and safety in schools is a highly emotive subject and one which all employees of a school have high on their agenda.

When undertaking a #SchoolAccessAudit we look closely at security. Schools have a basic requirement to safely contain the children in their care during the school hours and keep them protected from unwanted intruders and danger.

Physical perimeter security measures are the most basic first steps for achieving a secure school. However, installing an impressive security fence and gates at the front of the school would be useless if it is possible for an intruder to access the school site from elsewhere on the grounds.

What about the parents? Schools are private property and people do not have an automatic right to enter. Parents have an ‘implied licence’ to come on to school premises at certain times, for instance:

-for appointments
-to attend a school event
-to drop off or pick up younger children

Schools need to set out their rules for this and inform parents what they are. It should also be made clear that anyone who breaks those rules would be trespassing.

It is important to remember that physical security measures and access controls must work in conjunction with fire alarm systems to ensure a safe and speedy evacuation should an emergency occur.