Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The law states that all schools, as from 1st September 2012, must have an Accessibility Plan. In order to have an Accessibility Plan, you must first have an Access Audit. If you do not have one, you are breaking the law.

Your Accessibility Plan must be renewed every 3 years.

All schools, regardless of the type of building, must have an Accessibility Plan in place. It is important to remember that “Access to the Building” is only 1/3 of your Accessibility Plan – ‘Access to the Curriculum’ and ‘Access to the Written Word’ are also covered.

This depends on the size of your school. Generally, a Primary School would take around half a day, and a Secondary School would take around a full day.

We will send you your Accessibility Plan within 2 weeks of your Access Audit.

This again depends on the size of your school. Costs start from £650.

The law states that your school has an Accessibility Plan in place. This is regardless of whether you currently have any SEN children at your school. The Accessibility Plan covers your pupils, staff and visitors. It also covers users of your website.

We are happy to offer a 15% discount off the cost of an Access Audit if 2 or more schools in your trust book. If 5 or more schools in a trust book with us, we can offer a 20% discount off their Access Audits.