Music and SEN

At a recent visit to a school, we saw a wonderful music room and made me think about music and its extremely positive impact on children with special educational needs. It is well known that listening to and making music impacts physical and emotional health. Music is a universal language, through music one can communicate through all linguistic and cultural barriers.  A great deal of research is being put in to the benefits, influences, and developmental goals that teaching music to special needs children can achieve.


There are a great deal of benefits that teaching music to children with special educational needs. Listening and performing music stimulates almost every area of the brain, as well as almost all of the sensory systems, resulting in a very positive influence on cognitive functions.
By giving children with special educational needs the chance to learn music, it can have a drastic positive impact on their communication skills, confidence, motor skills, and much more. It can also help them to understand themselves, the world, and others around them.
Music really does have the power to transform lives, regardless of the special need.