Pupils with Special Educational Needs

requires all schools to prepare and implement an accessibility strategy to improve the physical environment of the school for pupils with disabilities and special educational needs (SEN). This should include consideration of their particular health and safety needs on the school premises and how these can be met.

As a rule of thumb, try working your way round a school using your elbow or a clenched fist rather than open hands and flexible fingers. You’ll get an idea soon enough of whether classroom doors can be opened, toilet doors locked and lights turned on and off by someone who has difficulties with manual dexterity.

All our School Access Audits are carried out by our educational expert, Lesley Mifsud, who is also an ex Headteacher so she has a working knowledge of how a school operates. If your access audit is out of date or worse still, you don’t have one, then you are breaking the law. Ofsted will ask to see your Access Audit during your next inspection so why waste more time? Ask for our costs and our brochure or email any questions you may have – lesley@ea-audits.com