The importance of good signage

As you know, schools are now required to have an access audit in order to comply with the Equality Act 2010. The act calls for ‘reasonable adjustments’ to be made in order to remove the barriers people face because of their disability.

There are many ‘physical’ features that may be possible (and inexpensive) to change within a school setting, and something that we are always recommending in our reports is the addition of clear signage. Providing clearer signs is something that is easy to do and extremely effective.

Good signage within a school setting should be clear and easy to understand, to ensure children with a visual impairment are not placed at a disadvantage. The signs should also be simple, consistently placed, and with not too much information (as this can often be confusing).

It is also important to note that clear signage does not just benefit the visually impaired, they also help the hearing impaired who may not be able to understand verbal instructions. In fact, good signage helps everyone, regardless of their disability.