Accessibility Plan for Schools


Our Process

Your school will be visited by us at a time and date agreed. The length of time the audit takes depends on the size of your school, however we will be discreet to ensure not to disrupt the school day and classes.

Our auditors are all ex Headteachers who have an in-depth knowledge of how schools operate. Each has a CRB certificate and these will be shown at reception with photographic ID.

Many companies are qualified to perform an access audit of a building, following a checklist, such as the ones which can be found on the internet. These checklists usually refer to any building and are not bespoke for schools. We are the only company in the UK specialising in performing access audits for schools and writing accessibility plans.

There are 3 areas to concentrate on when preparing an Access Audit / Accessibility Plan for a school. Focusing on 'reasonable adjustments' that can be made in order to make your school more accessible, your Access Audit will cover:


Access to the building

Access to the curriculum

Access to the written word

Focus Areas

  • Educational Visits
  • Communication and Website
  • Safeguarding
  • Approach to the School
  • Car Park and Playgrounds
  • Route to Reception
  • External Ramps and Steps
  • Main Entrance Doors
  • Reception Area and Desk
  • Corridors, Hallways and Internal Circulation
  • Wayfinding and Signage
  • Classrooms and Facilities
  • Internal Stairs, Steps and Ramps
  • Internal Doors
  • WC’s general provision
  • WC’s Provision for Disabled users
  • Kitchen and Dining Hall, Staff Room
  • Access to the Curriculum
  • Access to the Environment
  • Gender Identity
  • Means of Escape
  • Building Management
  • Lifts/Stair Lifts